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Transportation Management System (TMS) PLUS for Bulk Commodities

TMS PLUS - Built to handle the complexities of marketing and transporting bulk commodities in today's competitive environment.

For Carriers

Best-in-class TMS. Decrease operations overhead, reduce deadhead miles, and improve cash flow. PLUS  strengthen your value-added services with other capabilities such as Inventory.

For Wholesalers

Full TMS suite. PLUS  create invoices for commodities as well as transport charges, track inventory, and  improve margins via integration with pricing services such as OPIS and DTN.

For Midstream

Reduce transport costs. PLUS improve marketing operations, use detailed real-time movement data to better manage risk, and keep producers and customers up-to-date with portal.

Chorus Logistics Transportation Management Solutions

Chorus Logistics’ suite of transportation management solutions was developed with the commodity transportation eco-system in mind and from the ground up to run in the cloud.

The suite is comprised of a cloud-based product called AXLE Hub and a mobile app called TollTagger. Our products are fully integrated and work together to pass data in real-time. Chorus provides integration with other vendors' ELD, Accounting, and CTRM systems to maximize overall value for our customers. 


AXLE Hub - Command Center

AXLE Hub is a robust, cloud-based platform that provides a full suite of best-in-class functionality required by distributors, midstreams, and carriers' back office operations to effectively manage and optimize commodity transportation. It supports a full range of commodity types, including but not limited to: crude oil, NGLs, water, refined fuels, chemicals, and aggregates.  ROI is delivered by lower overhead, improved cash flow, increased customer satisfaction, and better decision making. 

TollTagger - Mobile App

TollTagger is a mobile application.  It guides drivers through every step of transportation process, including non-driving steps such as loading and unloading.  App also supports field operations tasks such as lease assessment, geofencing, tank strapping, collection of flow meter data, and more. TollTagger is fully integrated with AXLE Hub to provide a unified field and backoffice workflow.


What Our Clients Say...

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Chorus Logistics has taken our business from the stone ages into the new age of technology. 

Jim Blattner

President, Bella Vida Logistics

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Eliminated keying in 800 tickets per month and shorten time to generate customer statements

Mike Grunder

Operations Manager - Endeavor Tank & Transport, LLC

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With Chorus you get a partner.

Kevin Fung

Special Projects Manager, Fuelco Energy, LLC

Want to streamline your bulk commodity transportation?