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The Logistics Dispatch - Vol 1 / Issue 1

The most recent addition to an already comprehensive commodities transportation solution is Chorus Logistic's new Inventory Management module. This module provides the ability to track inventory on a real-time basis by asset including truck/trailer compartments, storage tanks, frac tanks, rail cars, marine vessels and more.


Safer Operations is the number one benefit AXLE Hub™ customers can expect. Our integrated safety systems greatly enhance compliance with current safety standards in the logistics market. The patent-pending safety systems include:

  • Driver scoring
  • Carrier scoring
  • Route enforcement
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Location verification
  • Emergency Rerouting and accident avoidance
  • Equipment validation

AxleMudFlaps™ also helps secure a transporters assurance that required safety equipment is available for each transportation assignment. Our Safety systems monitor all equipment, and electronically helps confirm the right equipment for the job. When integrated with our product GUARDRAIL™, we use patented formulas for traffic avoidance.

Auto Dispatch Optimization

AXEL HubTM helps the energy sector track:

  • Schedule of drivers
  • Rates for carriers
  • Location of drivers/trucks
  • Equipment on board
  • Driver’s history
  • Driver scoring
  • Hours driven
  • Available hours
  • Location where a driver’s day should end
  • Qualifications of a driver
  • Equipment available to the driver

AXLE Hub™ dispatches your loads using our patent-pending algorithm. By using a proven mathematical formula, the typical result is lower cost and safer transportation. Moreover, no orders will be left behind.


Chorus Logistics AxleTaxDumpster™ is a Pending Patent Chorus product offering. Our findings include:

  • Trucks that travel off road frequently pay too much in fuel taxes
  • These over payments can reach $10,000 per month per truck
  • If your fleet drives off-road there is a good chance you are overpaying

Want to get back your over payment? Contact us!


With the addition of our newly developed Deal Capture module, customers have the ability to tie marketing deals including commodity, volume and pricing (index or fixed) to the transportation. Together with our Commodity Inventory functionality, customers now have the ability to view real-time inventory of a specific commodity or asset as well as value that inventory.


With the release of our ELD product, GUARDRAILTM, AXEL HubTM has gone through a complete screen re-design incorporating maps, adding more user friendly navigation features, complete menu re-design and much more. This new design improves user performance through a more intuitive interface.


GUARDRAILTM is a complete Chorus owned and developed, custom built ELD solution that is completely and seamlessly integrated into AXEL HubTM and TOLLTAGGER™ providing functionality that no other vendor in this space can provide without a long, risky, custom integration project to a third-party ELD product. Want more information? Contact us!


Typically, the first question we get from a new prospect is “does your mobile app work without cell service?”. The Chorus Logistics mobile app, TOLLTAGGER™, offers full functionality whether the app has cellular connectivity or not. Our proprietary methodology of capturing data locally on the device and the ability to cache this data, has been a huge success for Chorus with our existing customers who experience bad or no cell service. We have made it a priority to continue to improve the mobile app while in an offline state.

For more information about Chorus Logistics, AXEL HubTM or any of our transportation management solutions, contact us today.