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About Chorus Logistics

Who We Are, Where We Are Going

Chorus Logistics helps bulk commodites carriers, midstream companies, wholesalers and distributors optimize their vital logistics and transportation environments through innovative software and mobile solutions.  We best serve the industry because we are part of the industry.  It is in our blood.

Chorus Logistics' core solutions, AXLE Hub and TollTagger, were born out of custom software development project by Chorus Solutions (Chorus Logistics' parent company) for a large midstream company. The project's objective was extreme efficiency gains in the company's dispatch center. Chorus' founder, Jeff O'Block, with his deep background in CTRM and transportation, saw an opportunity to not only develop a best-in-class Transportation Management System, but to also extend the value of existing CTRM systems.  Chorus Logistics was formed to bring this vision to the market.

It did not stop there.  Innovation is a driving force at Chorus. Above and beyond constant improvements to existing capabilities, Chorus is continually providing new functionality such as extending order entry from dispatch center into marketing, and progressing from tracking commodity movements to providing real-time inventory levels. Similar to the initial vision, each new step is focused on increasing the value we offer to our customers.

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