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Take command of your bulk commodities transportation operations

AXLE Hub - Command Center

AXLE Hub is a robust, cloud-based platform providing the user with all the functionality for creating dispatches, dispatching trucks, operator order entry, operator dashboard, real-time ticket viewing/editing, real-time run ticket dashboard, automated invoicing, full support for mile matrices/rate sheets, and much more. It also includes inventory management and other key functionality for those that need to fill gaps between their transportation management system and accounting or CTRM systems


AXLE Hub - Command Center

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Order Entry and Deal Movement

Reduce duplicate entry with fast and easy order entry that flows directly into the dispatch process. Orders can be entered individually, batched, cloned and set up in advance. For those buying and selling commodities, your marketing team can see the profit on each order as it is constructed. On the Deal Movement screen users can see pricing, volume, location, commodity, and other agreement data for each counterparty, alongside feed(s) from futures and/or spot pricing services, and finally, what the transport charge will be. Once the picture is finalized deal movement automatically creates orders.


Improve dispatch efficiency. Use our drag and drop planning board to model and then assign orders to available drivers. Automatically alerts dispatchers to variables such as HOS, certifications and more. Use the console to quickly make adjustments required by issues such as diversions, rejected loads, and driver transfers.


Invoice faster and more accurately. Get paid faster. All charges automatically generated as byproduct of transport activities. Calculated charges ready for on-line review and invoice generation as soon as delivery is completed. All supporting documentation and data electronically available to customers for quick reconciliation.

Driver Settlement

Administer driver payment process smoothly and effectively. Automatic calculation of driver pay as trips complete. Supports a wide variety of pay types: per mile, load percentage, hourly, and more. Statements make it easy for drivers to understand and reconcile payments.

Inventory Tracking

Know exactly where inventory stands. Inventory tracking at multiple volume types (net, gross, alternative unit of measure) for customers that need it. View inventory characteristics including, but not limited to, grade, gravity, and temperature. Takes into account all types of movements: purchases, sales, and transfers. See costs as well as amounts at each yard, warehouse, tank, or even trailer location.


Avoid fines and minimize taxes. Keep track of driver and equipment documents in one place. Easy, secure online access. Expiration notifications help ensure certifications are kept up to date. IFTA reporting, including private road mileage that is exempt from fuel tax.

Dashboards and Reporting

See at-a-glance how business is performing with dashboards that graphically display
key operational metrics in real time. Access a full suite of reports required to run the business as well as provide more in-depth insights into business operations. Tailor reports to your business with custom report development.

Event Subscriptions Services

Get in front of problems. Automatically send notifications to interested parties on any type of event in the system including: order placed on credit hold, tank approaching a limit, and certificate expiring. All events and notification recipients are fully configurable.

Customer Portal

Provide your customers real time access to orders and other relevant data. They can see order status, shipment routes and live progress on a map. Customers can also view tickets and other documents.


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