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LPG Transportation & Logistics Management

We get (LPG) Liquified Petroleum Gas.

Customer Demands. Economic Pressures.

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market size will grow by over USD 41.2 billion during 2019-2023. Technological advances will drive growth in the market with the rising popularity of LPG as an efficient fuel, to make the use of LPG convenient and cost-effective. 

Oil price downward spiral has left the transport industry facing increased competition and regulatory pressure —   While propane and butane have expanded its market reach and opportunity.  

With the rise in focus on reducing GHG emissions and ensuring sustainable energy for all, the use of LPG has been growing globally across various sectors.  Optimism about the coming year, thanks to a "perfect storm" of a healthy economy, freight demand and new trade agreements.

The transportation of LPG will need to be more efficient and streamlined from order to delivery to invoice as transporters look to capitalize on this growth and demand.

The Chorus Logistics Difference

With the volatility of the oil and gas industry, companies must now determine how they can do more with less to maximize the return on every employee and asset. Lost time means lost money. The mobile strategy that Chorus Logistics offers will allow you to reduce costs by increasing efficiency.

Streamlining of your LPG transportation operations from “deal to cash” will directly and positively impact your cash flow. Speed to order, speed to delivery, speed to invoice, is the new standard process in the trucking industry. 

The Chorus Logistics solutions of dispatch management, AXLE Hub, and mobile application, Toll Tagger, will automate, optimize, and improve performance of your LPG operations.   

With the challenges of our current environment, virtual officing is becoming a standard in the workplace.   It is imperative that companies have digital solutions that can support your business operations remotely, not just to support your business but to grow it.

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