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Retail Transportation & Logistics Management

We Get Retail Transportation!

Chorus Logistics now supports companies that Market, Trade or Consume commodities, not only transport them, through advanced pricing and deal capture functionality. Now users can capture the entire chain of costs for a true real time position and P&L. Chorus has always captured the transport costs, but now tracks purchase and sales related costs for real time analysis and invoicing. 

The transportation management foundation of Chorus provides real time actual volumes as well as counterparty credit analysis, to support its retail deal and transport transactions. 

Our first retail customer, Fuelco, is a retail clean fuels and lubes distributer. All inventory purchase and retail sales are captured in AXLE Hub.   Fuelco knows exactly where every ounce of fuel is located in real time. They also invoice daily and stay informed on a customer’s available credit; and their drivers use TollTagger, to print customers invoices at delivery, and instantly get real time data and analytics.

Speed to delivery, speed to invoice, speed to cash received, Chorus Logistics!

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