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A mobile application to simplify and speed up driver and other field operations tasks.  

TollTagger - Mobile Enablement

TollTagger is a powerful yet simple mobile application that runs on Android cellular devices. It sends and receives data to and from AXLE Hub in real time so tickets, events, and trip status are available immediately to your backoffice and customers. The latest information needed by driver and other field personnel is immediately available. It vastly improves speed and accuracy of data collection from the field. TollTagger also has ability to fully function offline when cell service is spotty.


TollTagger - Mobile App

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Driver Workflow

TollTagger enforces a workflow for drivers with assigned tickets. Intuitively leads them through the pick up and delivery process.


Create and print e-Tickets. Tickets are tailored for commodity type (e.g., crude, water, aggregate, NGL, etc.) and customer.

Simplify Daily Driver Tasks

Create and print fuel tickets. Attach and upload documents. Capture signatures. View and print automatically created payroll items.

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Field Operations

Supports other field operations such as create/edit geo fence locations, lease assessments, and more.

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Simplify Driver Workflow